Chester Step Test Kit 30cm

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Chester Step Test Kit (30cm/12inch)

A sub-maximal, multi-stage heart rate aerobic capacity test developed by Professor Kevin Sykes. It is a testing method for workplace fitness screening. This is now also used by a variety of industries and sectors.

Recommended by the Home Office for fire-fighter service recruitment, training and measuring yearly fitness, it is similar in its stepping concept to the shorter in length, Harvard Step Test.  The step test assessment uses a variety of step heights from 15cm, 20cm, 25cm and 30cm.

Chester step test is great for all ages and abilities with no gender bias for improved fitness rate. This Chester Step Test Kit is inexpensive, easy to standardise and portable. It  can be used in health clubs to test as part of their health/fitness screening programs.

First published in 1998, this fifth edition written for exercise professionals provides reliable information for performing the Chester tests. The test is easy to perform with the only variable in the test being the stepping rate. For example, every 2 minutes, steps taken during that time are increased.

What do you get in the kit?

  • Step in specified height – choose from 30cm, 25cm, 20cm or 15cm
  • Polar FT1 heart rate watch with chest strap
  • Chester Test Software CD* with two audio tracks
  • Chester Test Resource Manual and data sheets

Step test boxes are available in the following heights 30cm (12″), 25cm (10″), 20cm (8″) and 15cm (6″). Here is a guide to help you decide which size you are likely to need:

  • 30cm Step – suitable for those under 40 years of age. These individuals may exercise and can tolerate moderate to high levels of exertion
  • 25cm Step – suitable for those over 40 years of age and for those who participate in regular exercise
  • 20cm Step – this is suitable for those under 40 years of age who take little or no regular physical exercise. It is also ideal for those under-40’s who are somewhat overweight
  • 15cm Step – suitable for those over 40 years of age who take little or no regular physical exercise. It is also good for those under-40’s who are somewhat overweight.

NB. For testing the over-60’s, the lower step heights of 20cm or 15cm are best suited.

Pre-Test Health Screening

The Chester Aerobic Test manual comes with a PAR-Q. It is imperative that there are no medical contraindications before undertaking the tests. Most people do not need a medical check-up before taking this test, but if you are unsure it is always worth consulting with a Doctor and do not conduct the Fitness Test.

*PC Only – Please note that the software is not suitable for Mac users.

If you have any questions or would like to place an order over the phone. Please call a member of the team today on 01244 343 106. We will answer all questions you might have about the Chester Step Test Kits.

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