Flexibility & Suppleness

Flexibility is the amount of free motion you have in a joint or series of joints when performing any movement. Your dynamic range of movement is fundamental in actions of everyday living and essential for repeat success in a sporting context. How efficiently you can move is often inhibited with muscle tightness and maintaining a sufficient flexibility routine is an all too often overlooked fundamental component of fitness for health or performance for sports programmes. Adequate flexibility is required in the majority of sports where maximum amplitude of movement is required for carrying out the best possible technique pathway or programming skill. Examining and measuring this fundamental component is, therefore, essential; Cartwright Fitness provide various devices to measure flexibility and mobility accurately. The assessment equipment for flexibility from Cartwright Fitness includes Sit and Reach Boxes for professional or personal use and goniometers for the precise measuring and tracking of joint flexibility in a variety of body parts. Measure trunk flexion directly and accurately through a choice of sit and reach boxes from Cartwright Fitness.

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