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Who is Professor Kevin Sykes?

Professor Kevin Sykes

PhD, MSc, Cert Ed, DASE, DPE, FBAPT, CBiol, MIBiol, FHEA,

Kevin Sykes is Emeritus Professor of Occupational Health and Workplace Fitness at the University of Chester. He previously held the posts of Dean of International Development and Director of the Postgraduate Centre for Exercise and Nutrition Science (CENS) where he developed MSc courses in Cardiovascular Rehabilitation, Weight Management and Exercise & Nutrition Science – delivered in Chester, Hong Kong, Singapore, India and Dublin. He has worked closely with surgeons, physicians and other health professionals researching the effects of physical activity and healthy nutrition on prevention and rehabilitation from chronic diseases.

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Tom Ashworth – Fire and Fitness Consultancy

Tom Ashworth is the Managing Director of Fire and Fitness Consultancy. Tom is a freelance consultant within the public services and private fitness industries.

His expertise in this field has been established over 30 years working for the Fire and Rescue Service as a firefighter, watch manager and physical training instructor.

As one of the first fitness advisors in the UK’s Fire and Rescue Service he was instrumental in establishing, what has become, the ‘gold standard’ policy and practice for the fitness testing, improvement and maintenance of firefighter fitness levels.

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How does BodyMetrix compare to DEXA, Bodpod, BIA, & Calipers?

How does BodyMetrix stack up to the rest?

Studies have taken place using ultrasound to measure fat and muscle since the 50’s. In fact, ultrasound scanning to regulate the body composition in beef cattle has been commonplace for decades.

BodyMetrix uses the same underlying science to produce accurate tissue thickness measurements. Its the most accurate portable way to validate changes to body composition available on the market.

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Affordable sports science services for athletes and coaches

Affordable sports science services for athletes and coaches

We recognise that the cost of accessing fitness testing can be prohibitive for many athletes and coaches, so we have developed a comprehensive range of affordable portable laboratory testing services for athletes of every level.

Combining expert knowledge with the very latest technology, Cartwright Fitness is uniquely positioned to provide athletes and coaches with the specialist services needed to help them improve their performances.

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​Elevating Performance by Improving Mobility

​Elevating Performance by Improving Mobility

Whether you are training to become a successful athlete or trying to stay in shape and promote a healthy lifestyle, mobility is of the essence in elevating your performance and ensuring long-term health.

In fact, mobility training is crucial not only for increasing the range of motion when you exercise specific movements but is also essential for joints, muscle tissue, tendons and ligaments, in promoting their health and strength.

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